I like to ride a bike!

Greg Curnoe’s “Mariposa TT”
Greg Curnoe

I like to ride bikes.  It doesn’t matter if it is gnarly trail littered with roots, rocks and logs, a straight as an arrow rail trail or broken pavement along Toronto’s streets, I like them all.  The variety brings me joy despite burning legs, breathless lungs and a pounding heart.  At the AGO, Greg Curnoe’s “Mariposa TT” is on display.  In 1979 this was THE bike!  Today this TT bike or time trial bike wouldn’t even grace the road of a major cycling event.  A time trial is a race that pits the rider against the clock. A staggered start with each rider going off in a fixed time interval to ride as hard as she can until the finish line.  The fastest rider wins.  I would happily own this bike with the retro wool cycling jersey and cap even if it would cost me a few minutes in a race. Mariposa is a local Toronto bicycle company.  They custom build bikes and as a side note, its current owner is a former professional cyclist and was part of Lance Armstrong’s drug taking team.  Who says cycling is boring?