We offer a wide variety of training to
achieve the best results


What are your health and fitness goals?

I have been coaching since 2004.  My role is to collaborate with you to find the best way to make you feel fit and as strong as you can.  I provide the ‘why’ behind the exercises using a science-based approach trying to make the sessions fun but challenging.

It is important to recognize what you need and want, so I can provide the resources to help you reach your goal. Through an initial conversation, a plan can be made that, through ongoing contact and progress, will evolve as you do, to better suit your life and goals.

What’s the point?

Whether you are a goal-driven older-adult or someone who wants to get into better shape, we all know why we’re here: to get fitter and healthier than we were; to stave off the effects of aging and stress on our minds and bodies. My focus is on having fun, and helping you to be fit and healthy in a way that works with your lifestyle.

Building a relationship and a rapport together is important because we’re going to be partners on your fitness journey. Even though I take training very seriously, I also like to have fun with it, because I have found that one of the biggest barriers to committed lifestyle change is in the mind. It’s easy to get discouraged over bad form, plateaus, dietary issues or life stressors. Sometimes a good laugh can turn things around and remind us that we’re here because we care about ourselves.


Here are some of the ways I can help you meet your health and fitness goals:

  • Develop a health and fitness routine that works for you.
  • Develop your body awareness so you can (re)discover the joy in movement and strength.
  • Help you prepare for an upcoming trip, specific performance goal, or sporting event.
  • Injury rehabilitation, working with you as part of your health team (physiotherapist, registered massage therapist, sports medicine doctor, athletic therapists, etc.) to restore movement.
  • Pelvic floor health for post-partum women, regardless of how long it has been from your last birth.


It all starts with an assessment of your current fitness including balance, posture flexibility, cardiorespiratory ability, and strength. From the assessment, I can work with you to feel stronger and fitter.
My commitment to you can be expressed through a pledge I have taken that focuses on your physical and mental health.


Personal Training

When you’ve made the decision to do something about your health and fitness, and are willing to work at it, you’ve truly unleashed an unstoppable force. Your body wants to get in shape, to heal, to feel vital and healthy, and it will do whatever it can to achieve this.
Often, it’s the mind that’s the problem!
We tell ourselves we can’t, or we’ll never make it. If you’ve ever begun a workout programme or fitness regimen and abandoned it later, you know all about the mind and its many stories. You probably could have continued getting fit, if someone had sat down with you to look at what happened and manage the behaviours better next time. That support and close contact is part of the value of having a coach.
When working with clients who have never had personal training before, I always explain what’s happening physiologically with the body as we train, and act as a resource of information on the health benefits of the exercise we’re doing. My role is to provide the encouragement, technical skills and assistance to help you reach your targets. But my job is not just instructional; I’m an active partner in the workout, supplying you with the tools to make good, healthy decisions and cheering you on as you work to achieve your goals.