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Exercise is medicine for your brain, not just your body. Study after study is showing that even moderate exercise can turn back the clock on mental conditions, like depression and dementia, by helping the brain to stay plastic. The benefits of staying active are probably too many to number individually, but physical exercise has been shown to improve these key areas:
-Disease prevention (cancer, heart disease, hypertension….)
-Mobility and healing (strengthened muscles and joints reduce risk of bone loss and weakness caused by osteoporosis and aging…)
-Mental health (lessens risk of depression, dementia…)
-Psychosocial (mitigates the negative emotional effects of weight gain, chronic fatigue, insomnia…)
If simply moving around more can dramatically improve and even prolong your life, then why are so many people having trouble remaining active, especially after major life events like menopause, illness and retirement?
Dutrifitness came about because of my desire to show others how to integrate fitness and bodily awareness into a healthy lifestyle so they can live with vitality. Our purpose is to help you keep moving. Not just to maintain fitness ideals, but to promote health on a very functional, practical level so you can shovel snow, carry your own groceries, and keep up with your grandkids, no matter what your age or health history.
Many Dutrifitness clients keep going once they have reached these basic levels, because the body and mind like to feel good; in fact, they love it. Dutrifitness works for all fitness levels especially those recovering from illness who need to regain mobility and independence.

  • Jacqueline (Jackie) Dupuis, R. Kin

    Welcome! I appreciate that you are thinking of allowing me to assist you in achieving your health and fitness goals. I’ve been coaching professionally since 2004, and I love giving the people I am privileged to work with the tools to make their lives as healthy and fit as possible – while absolutely insisting on having fun.

    What happened for me was that I noticed a lot of friends, acquaintances and relatives, who used to be fairly active, suddenly struggling to stay fit after certain life events such as menopause, or getting diagnosed with a serious illness like cancer. I went back to university to learn about what happens to the human body as it ages, and what I found wasn’t surprising: loss of strength, weight gain, and all kinds of other symptoms ranging from the inconvenient (hot flashes) to the life-threatening (bone loss), can be mitigated by exercise.

    In 2014 I graduated from York University’s Kinesiology program. I followed up that degree with a Registered Kinesiology designation. It was natural to use these skills towards helping people reach their health and fitness goals. To ensure my continued focus on evidence-based health and fitness knowledge, I am a member of the Ontario Kinesiology Association and the Ontario Society for Health and Fitness. With this education and experience, I can work with a wide range of adults – from those who are venturing into their first fitness class or recovering from an illness.

    I enjoy working with all levels of ability, while keeping an eye on what is optimal for the athlete and the person. I would love to hear any questions you have, so please give me a call at 416-315-5586, or send me an email at Jackie@dutrifitness.ca .
    Keep moving!


Kinesiology 101

What is Kinesiology?
According to the Ontario Kinesiology Act, 2007, kinesiology is “The assessment of human movement and performance and its rehabilitation and management to maintain, rehabilitate or enhance movement and performance.”
Though a Kinesiologist can practice in many areas, from pain management to ergonomics, the practice areas I have chosen to focus on are injury rehabilitation and fitness training.
A Kinesiologist works with clients to promote good health and fitness assists with rehabilitation from injury or high performance. A Registered Kinesiologist in Ontario is a protected title earned through a four year university kinesiology degree and meeting the requirements of the regulating body, the College of Kinesiologists of Ontario. Read more at the College’s website about what to expect from your Kine.

Kinesiology Q & A

Q: Like a registered massage therapist, are kinesiology services covered by extended health care benefits?

They may very well be, it depends on the plan and coverage. Please check with your benefits provider to see if kinesiology services are covered before your first visit.

Q: Are Kinesiology services considered a medical expense for tax purposes?

Yes. In Ontario, a Registered Kinesiologist is an authorized medical practitioner, so you can submit any out-of-pocket expenses for kinesiology services on your tax return. Visit the CRA page for more information on claiming medical expenses.

Q: I want to do whatever I can to prevent chronic illness. Can a Kine advise me about dietary concerns as well as exercise?

Yes. Kinesiologists don’t follow the latest diet fads or hype; they are regulated health professionals with an extensive knowledge of the human body, its needs, and its performance. You can expect a Registered Kinesiologist to thoroughly assess your own unique circumstances, develop a clear understanding of any conditions that might be impacting your health, and prescribe exercise as well as dietary changes to assist you in achieving realistic health and fitness goals.